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What is a Cookie?

  I should begin by explaining what exactly a cookie is, and I’m not on about chocolate chip here unfortunately. Whenever you visit a website that website saves a tiny bit of data onto your computer called a Cookie. Should you return to the site, that data is then accessed by the site so it can see what you did on your previous visit and remember you. This is especially useful in some circumstances, like remembering a shopping cart you were filling but never purchased. It also allows websites and companies to build a profile of you, and helps advertisers
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Graphics cards can be quite a confusing subject when people aren’t fully aware of what they are and what they do. We’re here to break it down and help you understand! The main purpose of a graphics card is to take the strain off of the processor and provide dedicated processing power for the graphical tasks of the Computer i.e – making the picture. They aren’t essential in your everyday Home or Office PC, but when you start editing photographs, movie editing and especially gaming, they become much more relevant. Having dedicated graphics for gaming is pretty much an essential
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Organising your bookmarks

Organising your bookmarks for your browser is a nice & easy task for even the newest of computer users. The idea behind it is simple, for example if you have 200 bookmarks finding the one for that holiday resort in the Caribbean could take a while! (which defies the point in the bookmark in the first place – You could just find that website again with a quick search online). By putting the bookmarks into folders, or ordering them in a list, you can find them much quicker and save time. Let’s give it a go shall we? Bookmarks menu
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