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Free VS Paid – The Great Antivirus Fight!

  We all know that Antivirus software is important, but the big question is whether or not you should pay for the software, or use a free version? TLDR: you should pay for it!   What’s the difference?   For some people, seeing an Antivirus program that is free is excellent news as it does save them some money, however what they should ask themselves is: why is it free? Most free Antivirus software is without cost because it’s not updated as much as its subscription based older (more expensive) brother. Viruses are created constantly, and spread like wild fire. Having an
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Hard Drive vs SSD (the showdown)

  ‘What is an SSD?’  is a very common question in our show room, the short answer is “the future” – The long answer needs a bit of explaining, so we think it deserves it’s own post. Here it is!   The answer.   Everyone has experienced the frustration of turning their computer on and going to make a cup of tea, read the post, walk the dog and run a marathon before it’s actually ready to be used.  Well not any more!   What is a HDD? Firstly lets begin by explaining what a Hard drive is. A Hard Disk Drive (or
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Glossary of terms – General PC

Computer “Jargon“! Here’s a handy glossary of terms translated from Geek speak into… English!   BIOS – Basic Input Output System. This is first piece of software a Computer loads on boot up. It tells the Hardware how to load up your Operating System and how to communicate with devices connected to your Motherboard. ROM – Read Only Memory. A type of memory that holds the Firmware for a device. Firmware – Provides basic level operating functions to Hardware that allow it to load up more complex functions in an Operating System. Chipset – A set of electrical components on a Motherboard that connect
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