5 Essential things to consider when buying a new computer:

1: What do you want to use it for?

What you want to do on the computer has the biggest impact on what computer specification you need for the job. Many customers come into our show room and say: “I’m looking to buy a new PC system” when I ask them “What do you want to use it for?” the usual reply is “well general use and stuff. Things like internet stuff.”

This is obviously a very vague response and makes our job a little bit more like a game of cluedo! If you have an idea of what you intend to do on the computer it makes it far easier for us to tailor it to your specific needs. For example: “I’m looking to buy a new PC system.” “What do you want to use it for?” “Emailing, writing letters, browsing the internet. Oh and I publish a bi-monthly magazine.”

From this I can tell that you are an average PC user with the specific requirement of some sort of publishing software and will probably suit our B series PC.

Simply put, the more detail you give us the better we can tailor the PC to your needs ☺

2: What is your main frustration with your current PC?

Why do you even want a new PC? What’s wrong with your current one? Like many people, it’s probably that it’s slow or that it doesn’t work how you want it to, right?
Let us know your pain points in regard to your current computer use and we can make sure that your new system eliminates all of these woes!

3: How much can you spend?

Budget. It’s all well and good deciding you want a gaming PC for playing “FarCry 4” on and you want it to have more storage space than your existing one. But if you’re budget is only £400 then you may have to re-consider your options. It may sound obvious but it always pays (in the long run) to go for the best value options. i.e a 240GB SSD over a 120GB SSD – double the capacity and at current prices* is only £35 more (Less than double the price). This would give you more value for your money and is a great buy with futureproofing your system in mind.

4: How long do you want it to last you?

The longevity of a system is important. You don’t want to buy a £1000 computer system that only lasts 1 year. Obviously this is an extreme example however it shows the point well. You need to understand that as new programs are developed they are becoming more resource intensive on computers, 10 years ago the thought of needing a processor as powerful as an i3 4330 was ludicrous we were all happy using our Pentium D. Now the i3 is a standard use processor and the same will happen again in future. By buying a PC with more power than you currently need you essentially protect your PC from becoming obsolete before it’s time.

5: How customisable/ upgradable is it?

Laptops are great and portable, but they’re not very good for customizing and upgrading the hardware. You can have an SSD fitted, you could have more RAM (potentially) but changing the processor in one is difficult. If you want the ability to add more storage drives in future or change your graphics card, then a tower PC would be more suited (this also applies to the PC case). What about if it goes wrong? Laptops all contain hundreds of different specific parts, all of our PC’s use standard parts we keep in stock, therefore repairing one is much cheaper than repairing a laptop.

6: Will the company you’re buying from give you any support after you’ve given them the money?

Ok so I may have lied, this is number 6 but it’s a really good point to consider.

Will the company you are buying a PC from care about you once they’ve taken your money? Our after sales support is a key advantage we hold over our competitors. We have fantastic support packages which all provide unlimited remote and phone support. We also have packages which include full hardware parts cover and even on-site collection and return of broken equipment.

Will other high street retailers or manufacturers give you any of that?

Will they write you nice little blog posts to help you out?

Will they connect with you on a personal level?

It’s best to consider all these points before purchasing a computer! ☺

Cheers, Adam B
*prices accurate to January 2015


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IT Engineer, Specializes in Apple Mac, Gaming & Audio production work stations.


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