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Here at ECS we like to offer our home users a slightly different take on Information Technology (IT).


Expert Product Guidance

Confused about what device YOU need? Let our Expert IT engineers guide you

Repairs, Upgrades & Check Up

Poorly computer? No problem!

We have 30 years’ + experience fixing IT.



Are you overwhelmed by your PC? Let ECS show you the way.

ECS Support Packages

We love helping our customers with all their IT woes. Explore our support packages here.

Home Visits & Installations

Confused about what device YOU need? Let our Expert IT engineers guide you

We understand that IT is complicated and filled with lots of incomprehensible phrases and terms and we know that 99% of people like to be spoken to in English rather than techno-babble – So that’s what we do!

Think of us as your IT translation team and we’ll be off to a good start!

Based in King’s Lynn we can offer face to face personalised services to those within the surrounding areas and thanks to our fantastic website & online services such as Gold Support we can now help those of you who maybe live that little bit farther away.

Please browse our offerings below & let us know if you have any questions by either giving us a call on 01553 692727 or sending us an email.

drop-home-computers-smallExpert Product Guidance

We understand picking a PC or laptop can be an exhausting experience; with so many technical terms it’s easy to get lost in translation.

Here at ECS we offer expert advice on picking the right computer for your needs. Our expert IT engineers based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk are trained to relay confusing computer terms into plain English and provide you with the perfect device for your needs.

To have one of our team pinpoint your dream computer give us a call now on 01553 692727.

Expert product guidance
Support packages

drop-home-support-smallECS Support Packages

The best home/retail support package in the UK; bold claim? We don’t think so.

What’s different about the ECS computer support package?

  • Unlimited Telephone & Remote Support
  • Intel & Microsoft certified Expert IT Engineers taking your calls
  • Support given in plain English not techno-babble!
  • Local King’s Lynn based personal support – No call centres
  • 30 years’ experience helping people just like you!

With prices starting at ONLY £4 per month, give us a try; if you’re even half as impressed as the other thousands of people who take our support, you’ll be very, very impressed.

drop-home-repairs-smallRepairs, Upgrades & Check Up

We offer a large range of repair, upgrade and check-up facilities & with over 30 years’ experience under our belt you can feel confident we’re the team for the job.

Here’s a brief overview of each service:

Repairs & Upgrades

Whether software or hardware we have the expert knowledge to solve even the trickiest of PC & Printer problems.

If your computer has seen better days and now portrays the speed of a snail (on good days!) we have a few tricks up our collective sleeve to help speed things up! Upgrades are a great value way of prolonging the life of your PC or laptop.

Our ever growing team of engineers are Microsoft; Intel & Epson certified and have thousands of hours experience between them.

To book your repair today call 01553 692727 and talk first hand with our experts.

ECS Check Up

Check Up is a service which was introduced in 2014. It has two aims:

  1. To maximise the performance of your device and ensure that it is running to its full capacity
  2. To test the current hardware for faults and defects this may adversely affect your computer in the near future.

We provide a detailed report on your computer with every check up and will advise where possible upgrades to your computer may prove beneficial.

Computer repairs
Home visits

drop-home-visits-smallHome Visits & Installations

If the thought of setting up your PC, monitor, printer and connecting everything to your wireless network fills you with dread then we have the service to fulfil your needs!

We provide home visits and installation visits to hundreds of individuals every single year. We offer a business to business level of expert knowledge to the home user who wants everything to be just right.

Some typical home visits include:

  • Installation of PCs, Laptops & Printers
  • Set up of home network/wireless
  • General IT advice
  • Troubleshooting with programs
  • Broadband diagnostics


We offer both one on one and group training sessions; each hosted by one of our expert Microsoft & Intel qualified IT engineers.

Fear not! We always stand by our motto “understanding IT needs a personal touch” – You will not hear any techno-babble here! Just plain English.

In these sessions we will teach you many things such as:

  • Sending emails
  • Transferring photos to your computer
  • Internet browsing
  • Internet banking
  • Using Skype

Alternatively we can be guided by your needs and cover any topics you feel you may need more attention on.