Is Windows 8 really that bad?

“But I’ve heard Windows 8 is terrible” – Most people who have read anything about Windows 8 online.

A lot of people like to do their research before buying a PC which is a great idea, however it can cause some confusion and this is a great example. There are lots of reviews for Windows 8 online, Some are written by professionals, some are written by the average user and some are written by people with less knowledge and understanding (to be polite). The one thing they all have in common is whilst most are based on facts they are all someone’s opinion. So if one person says “The Windows 8 start screen is as useful as a chocolate teapot” that’s their opinion & in my opinion that person isn’t using it correctly and isn’t getting the true functionality out of it. You have to make your own mind up about whether you like it or not.

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are different.

Most of the reviews you will read are no doubt for Windows 8 because you have put “Windows 8 review” into Google. Which is a fair assumption however the Windows 8.1 update was rolled out in October 2013 which makes all Windows 8 reviews irrelevant. (I admit we all still call it Windows 8 which adds to the confusion but Windows 8.1 is different). Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 differ in many ways.

Almost every bad thing mentioned in any review for Windows 8 has been improved or changed in Windows 8.1.

For example – A big problem in Windows 8 – Shutting down the computer was like a quest for the Holy Grail.

Windows 8 was designed with touch screen computers in mind however it didn’t translate too well into a standard non-touch screen. To shut down your computer you would drag your finger/mouse from the very right side of the computer screen inwards which would bring up a hidden menu, then select “Settings” then select “Power” then finally “Shut down”. As you can probably tell it confused a lot of people because there wasn’t a visible option for shutdown. In Windows 8.1 there is a Power button in the top right of the start screen which is easy to find even by accident.

Another little problem was there simply wasn’t a start/ Windows button on the screen, the idea was that you would use the Windows key on the Keyboard instead but again this simply confused users because there were no instructions explaining this. For people who had opened up a full screen/ Metro App and then couldn’t work out how to get out of them this would have been an incredibly frustrating experience. Now in Windows 8.1 there is a start/ Windows icon on the taskbar where it always was in older versions of Windows and we’re all super happy about it!

“I don’t like change.” – XP Users.

The big deal.

As far as I can see it all boils down to one deciding factor. Do you like things that are different? There’s nothing wrong with Windows 8.1 it’s just different. Yes you now have a start screen instead of a start menu, I hated it at first too, but when you start to use it and get to grips with it you grow to like it. In fact I now love mine and can’t believe I managed to get by without it. Yes you will have to accept that full screen apps are now “a thing” but once you learn to use them and how to exit them, they’re actually quite nice.

I suppose to summarise this Review of Windows 8.1 I’d just like to go back to my first paragraph. This is my opinion, come to our showroom and use windows 8.1 on one of our PC’s for a bit and make up your own mind. If you really don’t like it you can still get Windows 7.


Cheers, Adam B

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