Organising your bookmarks

Organising your bookmarks for your browser is a nice & easy task for even the newest of computer users. The idea behind it is simple, for example if you have 200 bookmarks finding the one for that holiday resort in the Caribbean could take a while! (which defies the point in the bookmark in the first place – You could just find that website again with a quick search online). By putting the bookmarks into folders, or ordering them in a list, you can find them much quicker and save time.
Let’s give it a go shall we?

Bookmarks menu

The bookmarks menu within your browser is the standard place to save and access your bookmarks.


(Click on the picture bellow to enlarge) This is the standard location of the Favourites menu on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge & Mozilla Firefox.

The bar.

Most browsers have a bookmarks toolbar that sits under the URL bar (where you put in the website address i.e This allows you to put a certain number of bookmarks as buttons in the main browser window meaning you don’t need to open any menus. This makes them a much quicker and easier way to open your bookmarked websites. Here are examples of the bookmarks bars in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge & Mozilla Firefox.


Notice that in all of the examples I also have two folders on the bookmarks bar. This is a fantastic way to organise a group of bookmarks that you use a lot. In this example these folders contains the links to antivirus software updates that I use on a daily basis & other utility’s for repairing PC’s. By grouping them together I have removed 25 links from the bar making it much easier to read, it also means I have space to put more links on the bar. In fact I have all of mine on it! Even if you just group your bookmarks into folders called “Work” “Social” “Reading” or “Fun stuff”.

Bellow I will explain step by step as well as show a video of how to organise your bookmarks for the 4 most common browsers, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Mozilla Firefox.


1.In the top right corner click the settings button (the 3 black lines).

2.Hover your mouse over the bookmarks section and new sub menu appears click on bookmark manager.

3.The bookmarks manager window will open. From here you can edit, delete and move your bookmarks. You can simply drag and drop them from one location to another, right to delete or rename & even change where the bookmark takes you to.


Internet Explorer

1.Select the favourites/ Star icon to open the list from here you can simply drag and drop to move bookmarks or right click them to delete or edit them


Mozilla Firefox

1.Select the favourites/ Clipboard icon, then select “show all bookmarks”

2.The library manager will open, displaying your bookmarks.

Microsoft Edge

1.Select the 2 horizontal lines/ Hub

2. Select the star for favourites



So there we have it. That’s the basics of managing your bookmarks in the 4 most commonly used browsers. I hope that this all makes sense to you and if it doesn’t then by all means drop a comment below or send me an email at to ask anything you like. There are YouTube videos in the making at the moment which should help to explain this as well as other topics in more detail. Hopefully now you can find that mysterious website you saved with the fascinating article on article circle penguins…

Now it’s cheerio from me and thanks for reading.
Cheers, Adam B

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