ECS Computers have been repairing computers and many other electronic devices from our very beginnings in 1983. We have extensive knowledge on a vast range of products and we can advise the best procedure in all cases. We will be forthright in our recommendation and will never advise a repair which is in our professional opinion, not worthwhile.

What Do We Repair?

  • Desktop Computers (Home & Business)
  • Laptops/Notebooks
  • Apple Desktop Computers & Laptops
  • Printers (Epson, HP, Canon, etc.)
  • Tablets (Android, iPad, Windows, etc.)

If your product is not listed above then please call us on 01553 692727 or send us an email to check if we can undertake the job.

The Procedure

  • Contact us to check we are able to repair your item
  • Bring in the item to our premises
  • Our Engineers will take your details and book in the repair
  • We will contact you to quote a repair price (if discussed)
  • We will contact you to inform you that the repair has finished
  • Pick up your item


How Long Will It Take?

  • We aim to repair all equipment we receive in a fast and efficient manner and will endeavour to get your item repaired as quickly as possible.
  • The average repair should be back to the customer in 3 working days.
  • If you require your machine back sooner than the expected 3 working days you can pay an queue jump fee (£15) to jump to the front of the repair queue. Our engineers will work on your device as soon as it is brought in.
  • We cannot give guarantees that the work will be completed in a given time frame due to the multitude of different problems we see. Some repairs may be completed in an hour, some take many more.
  • We promise to keep you informed as to the status of your repair and will inform you once the work has been completed.

How Much Will It Cost?

Inspection Fee: £24.00

For our team of expert IT engineers to look at your equipment a fee is necessary. For only this small fee our team will assess your equipment, find the cause of the issue and relay that information to you.

This fee will also be charged when our team have inspected your equipment and you decide not to go ahead with the repair.

Labour Charge: £48.00 per hour

£48.00 is the minimum repair fee we charge and it covers one hour of labour on your piece of equipment.

A large percentage of our repairs are charged at £48.00.


Any components that are required for replacement will be quoted before fitting.

Queue Jump: £15.00

If you would like your repair started instantly then this small fee enables you to jump the repair queue and our engineers will begin looking at your equipment immediately.

Please Note: All pricing is exclusive of VAT