Do you back up your Critical Data?


Truth time… How many of you genuinely back up your data on a regular basis?

Another question – How many of you can say should your computer die you can 100% rely on your backup and you will not have lost a single thing?

Well? Did you pass the ECS Back-up questionnaire test?

Don’t worry – The majority of people are in the same boat as you.


Why Backup?

While we sincerely hope that your computer never breaks down and we hope that should the worst happen, all of your data is intact & recoverable, it’s unfortunately a fact that from time to time parts fail and sometimes data is lost.

For example, if the cause of your computer troubles is hard drive failure related – then unfortunately the chances are that some, or all of your files could either be lost or corrupt and un-usable.

I know I wouldn’t want to lose all of the photos on my computer, we all have holiday and family photos going back to 2002 right?


 “Well I don’t really have much data”           “It won’t happen to me”

Unfortunately many of the people who say “It won’t happen to me” are the ones who do lose their data. This is usually because they did not take the time to backup any of their data.

Of course, once they’ve lost valuable data they quickly realise how important it is to them and how temporarily short sighted it was to not back their information up in the first place.

The easiest way to avoid that situation is horribly obvious.

Please, Please, Please… BACK IT UP BEFORE YOU LOSE IT!

It really is that simple, if you’ve already bought a good backup solution and know it works, then well done! The next step is to ensure that the system is actually being used frequently.

If you haven’t got the perfect backup solution at the moment, by the end of this series of posts about backing up you will certainly have one!

ECS offer a range of different backup solutions to all of our customers from External hard drives, network storage & online managed backups.

Each method has its pros and cons; however I’m certain that at least one of them will suit your needs.


Different Back-up Types & Is it Difficult to Back-Up?

Often, when I explain backup solutions to people in our show room they are genuinely amazed by how simple it is.

For example, with our online managed backups we install a program on your computer that will run in the back ground of your PC. It will periodically (as often as you want it to) back up all of your data to a secure online server (cloud), you pay for a set amount of storage per month that can be increased or decreased as needed.

The best bit about “online backup” is that you don’t actually have to do anything – the computer does it all for you!

I can hear the question already… What if it doesn’t for some reason?!

ECS monitor all of our customers backups and if a backup hasn’t been ran for a while we will give you a ring and check if you’ve been using your computer, that way we can get them up & running again as soon as possible should a problem occur without you having to worry about a thing.

External Hard drives are a great cost effective way to backup. ECS will put an icon on your PC that runs a little program we have written, it copies all of your files from your User folder (Documents, Pictures, Desktop, Videos etc) as well as your emails to the external hard drive without you even having to think about it.

You run the program manually as often as you like or as little as you like.

We can also setup a system image to the same drive, essentially this is a picture of your computer exactly as it is all programs, settings & adjustments you have made which can be restored again on the PC if for some reason it completely fails.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our quick outline on back-ups!

There will however be more in depth guides and demonstrations in future blog posts.

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